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In 2018, the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville will celebrate our 160th year in Louisville. As part of our celebration, our archivist, Angelica Bullock, submitted for, and won, a mini-grant from National Catholic Sisters Week (www.nationalcatholicsistersweek.org) to assist her in digitizing oral histories conducted by Sr. Concetta Walker from 1976-1982. There are 26 tapes total, which feature interviews of the sisters discussing Ursuline Sisters (alive and deceased) as well as Ursuline history. The sisters were interviewed separately and in groups.

The oral histories include:
• General info on the sisters (name, age, where they grew up, why they became nuns)
• Campus changes (buildings, schools, etc.)
• Life after Vatican II
• the fire at the motherhouse
• the schools (Sacred Heart, etc.)
• Historical events (Camp Taylor, etc. )
• early community life
• The Sisters’ missions (Mercy infirmary, Ursuline speech clinic)

Project: convert oral histories (currently on cassette tapes) to a digital format and put them on the internet, so the community and others will have better access to the stories.

Listening Parties:
We are inviting our sisters, associates and the public to “listening parties” on these two dates to celebrate National Catholic Sisters Week:
Friday, March 9, 2018 from 1—4 pm
Sunday, March 11, 2018 from 2—4 pm

The parties will take place in the Motherhouse library, and we will also display historic photos. This will allow the sisters and the larger community to come together, listen to Ursuline history, and celebrate the contributions that the sisters have made to our community through their various ministries. It will be a unique look at the community in the years following Vatican II as they explore what those changes brought to their order and the larger Church.
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