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Chapel Centennial

It only happens once in a century! The Ursuline Sisters are preparing to celebrate 100 years of the Motherhouse Chapel, starting in January 2017! As we approach this centennial of the Ursuline Chapel of the Immaculate Conception in Louisville, Kentucky, we are reminded that this Chapel remains the epicenter of the Ursuline Sisters’ physical and spiritual presence on campus. The Chapel is used daily by the Sisters and is in continual use by an active, academic cluster of Sacred Heart Schools.

From January through December 2017, special liturgies and performances are scheduled in the Chapel (See schedule list of events.).

Because the Ursuline Sisters want to preserve and protect what makes the Chapel iconic and unique to our religious community and to the Ursuline Campus, a brick and mortar preservation campaign, to be completed by 2020, has been initiated.

Our vision is for this sacred space to continue to be used and in updated condition for the next 100 years. We hope future generations will experience the beauty of the Chapel, intertwined with the inspiring history of the Louisville Ursuline Sisters.

Chapel Centennial Celebration Sponsors



ClearArc Capital
Phyllis and J. Guy Conces

Janet L. Pisaneschi

Duplicator Sales & Service
FLIK Independent School Dining
Mary Ann and Gerald Hubbs
Dr. Paul D. Kelty
Leonard Brush & Chemical
Honorable Romano Mazzoli
Whitehouse Residential and Commercial Painting Co.

Joe and Carolyn Besendorf
Class Act Federal Credit Union
Patsy and Paul DeBorde
Anna Jo and Barry Paul

Bob and Mary Sue Stratton Becker
Colleen Freeman
Anne Klapheke
Louise and Bruce Miller

Suzanne and Ronald Bona-Hatem
Patricia Kraus

To learn how you can support the celebratory events and/or the preservation efforts, please contact:

Chapel Centennial Celebration Sponsorship Opportunities
Contact: Ellen McKnight

Director of Mission Advancement
(502) 515-7526 or [email protected]

Chapel Preservation Opportunities
Contact: Sister Jean Anne Zappa

Chapel Preservation
(502) 896-3999 or [email protected]

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